Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Odds and Ends

Since January 1, Michael and I have had at least one parent here in Florida.  The number of parents nearby varies.  Sometimes it's just our moms.  On weekends my dad is here.  On other days (usually including weekends) Michael's dad is here.   Periodically, (usually just a couple at a time) Michael's mom may fly to Ohio.  It's a revolving door of parents around here, I tell you.    This means:

-We cook less dinners!  Thanks moms and dads for inviting us to your respective kitchens
-When we go out for dinner with the parents, we rarely pay.   Thanks parents, for your generosity!
-We answer random questions about random topics including but not limited to:

  • sound systems and remote controls
  • operating European laundry machines
  • how to get to (enter name of big box store)
  • 'do you need anything from (enter name of big box store)
  • when are you going to Disney World
  • can I borrow a cup of (enter name of pantry staple)

In addition to the Fab Four (our parents..... are they fab?  I suppose so)   Michael's grandparents and aunt were also here, including a few days of overlap.  It's been a lot of family, but I suppose when you live in Florida and your family lives in cold climates, it's bound to happen.   And it's pretty fun.

Most friends and family members would label me as an organized person.  I agree for the most part, but there are still (silly) things that bother me and systems I have had in place that I don't really like.  That fact that I have systems in place at all puts me ahead of some people, but that's not the point.  I am in the process of making small changes to our home, mostly behind closed doors.  No one cares or notices - this includes my husband- but I may be inundating the blog with before and afters of my projects.  I blame?  credit?  several organizing bloggers that I have recently discovered, mostly Jen at iheartorganizing.   She makes me look like a slacker!  Scares me a little, but also motivates me to be that much crazier.   Beware!

Have you tried to buy a Mom birthday card recently?  They are atrocious.  My mom's birthday is next Wednesday, yes she is a Valentine, and I am having the worst time finding a card.  What is wrong with the card designers?

How's that for unrelated thoughts on a Tuesday?


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