Thursday, February 2, 2012

Welcome to the 90s, Mr Banks!

Ten points to anyone (besides my sister) who can name the movie......

I was reading a magazine the other day where the author of a particular article was discussing food servings.  I'm assuming most folks remember the 'deck of cards' approximation for a serving of protein, the 'baseball' approximation for a serving of pasta/grain, the two dice or 'dominoes' approximation for cheese, and so on.  Use recognizable objects to determine how much food to eat.  Genius.

You guys.   The author used an iPhone as an example for protein.   Not a deck of cards!   Granted they are similar in size (iPhone may be a smidge flatter but taller) but come on.  

Please tell me the world (more specifically, first world countries) still knows what a deck of cards looks like.  In a land full of portable DVD players, iPhones, Nintendo DS, and whatever other gadgets are out there, I would like to think there is still a place for a game of cards.

War between two sisters on a roadtrip.  Crazy Eights and Euchre and Gin between generations at the holidays.   Kemps between friends during high school study hall.  (True story: I kept a deck of Loony Tunes themed playing cards - which I still have - on the top shelf of my locker beginning in 6th grade.  Friends were always welcome to take them any time of day during free periods.   I still have the complete set, they look like they've been through a war, and they're the best cards EVER to shuffle)

And if we're talking cards, Poker and Blackjack, for goodness sake!

Am I overreacting?  Probably.   But at the same time...  I will always love a good card game.