Wednesday, March 25, 2009


I just read Pannie's latest blog entry and she has been away from her blog, too. Must be something in the air. Unlike Pannie, I have not forgotten I had a blog, I just have not taken time to log in and post anything. Mind you, since February 10 there have been many post-worthy events and tidbits to report. Unfortunately, my memory is not that great so you'll just have to deal with the 6 week lapse in Jules updates. Except for what is listed below, of course. And, keeping in the 'homage to Pannie' theme, they will be written in "yays and boos" style.

YAY for Nana and Papa visiting in early March
BOO for Nana having a kidney infection and staying in the hospital part of the time!
YAY for her recovery

YAY for finding a florist for the wedding
BOO for a diamond falling out of my ring and having to send it in for repair :(

YAY for St. Patrick's day themed food and drink. Specifically, green frosted sugar cookies and Heineken at work (not at the same time) I don't even like Heineken but it helped to make the office lively and rowdy at 3:30
BOO for no Shamrock Shake at our McDonald's. I was heartbroken. That is not an exaggeration

YAY for Typhoon Lagoon opening last Sunday (it's an awesome water park)
BOO for quasi-chilly very windy weather preventing us from going

BOO for spending time doing taxes
BOO for having to PAY taxes

YAY for finally finding a sideboard for the dining room
BOO for finding it at IKEA and spending more than 3 hours assembling

YAY for last Friday off and getting a pedicure
(no BOO for this one!)

YAY for Momsie and Popsicle visiting this Sunday
BOO for the rain forecasted for next week while they are here