Sunday, December 5, 2010

It's NOT Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas

Last year the holiday time included decorating a house for Christmas, and a front porch, too!  I was psyched for a trip to DC to see the Nutcracker with Pannie, and the festive-ness abounded.  Minus the snow of course.

In 2010 things have taken a slightly different turn.  Graduate housing does not have the same charm as your first house.  We are only here until December 11, and did not move any of our Christmas decorations when we came here in May.  So, for the first time in my life, I did not spend Thanksgiving weekend putting up a Christmas tree.  It's a little depressing, but from a practical standpoint, I get it.  I did, however, obtain the Fresh Balsam candle from Bath & Body Works.  It smells JUST like a fresh Christmas tree, which I have always thought was impossible based on the other holiday candles to which I have been subjected.  If you are brave enough to go to a mall in the next three weeks, buy one.  They're amazing.  Anyway, with this decorating scheme (or lack thereof) we look like it's a normal day of the year, buy boy do we smell good.  Ironically, the snow began to fall on Wednesday and we've seen a variation of it every few hours since.  So we have no Christmas tree or lights or even a wreath, but we do have snow.

At least the ballet tradition continues.  When your husband, and consequently you, is on a graduate school schedule, there is this wonderful creation called WINTER BREAK.  And golly does he need it (so do I, truthfully).  Winter break is a notable for the several consecutive weeks of no academic obligations.  How are we celebrating?  By going to DC of course, where I will see the ballet with Pannie again.  We also hope to squeeze in a visit to the White House tree, Zorba's and potentially Guapo's.  (What else is there in life?  Friends, food, and holiday celebrating)  It's a six hour drive, so we'll load up the car for DC and Ohio visiting (and, God-willing, a Florida trip, which will be made via airplane) and hit the road next weekend.

While the tradition of the ballet is a welcome one that we treasure, I am also excited about something, or rather, someone, new!  Our wonderful college friends (and my former roommate) had a baby in July and we have not met her.  So this holiday season will also bring the beginning of a beautiful friendship with this cutie pie.  We even got her a small gift to celebrate her first Christmas.

Meanwhile, we'll be tying up loose ends here for the next six days.  Michael will finish 4 papers and study for his finals.  This afternoon I will see a holiday concert on campus with the Crookers, later this week we'll attend a MMH class party, see the Vienna Choir Boys at the local theater, and pack a bunch of bulky sweaters in a suitcase.  Life is hectic...... must be the holidays!