Thursday, February 16, 2012

Be My Valentine

I did not receive flowers or a box of chocolates.  What I got was way better!

As is typically each weekday, I start my day with a ginormous cup of tea, eat some Kashi and head upstairs to work.  I tend to hunker down and pause only to change from PJs to real clothes around 8 am, and go right on through till my 10:30 video meeting.    Tuesday was no different.

Except that around 9:45 Michael appeared in my doorway.  He was holding a card, a vanilla latte and donuts from Dunks!  My favorites!   And one of the donuts was pink frosted with ….. heart shaped sprinkles.   The way to a girl's heart is copious amounts of sugar in the morning, folks.  He sat in my office while I continued to email my clients, but we did enjoy a few moments of a breakfast treat.

Around lunch time he informed me he was making a 'special Valentine's Jules lunch' which, considering I already had a donut, left me puzzled.  Imagine my surprise when I went downstairs and had a freshly grilled cheeseburger waiting for me.  Oh lordy.  More delicious food!  Then we had chocolate covered strawberries for dessert.

In addition to February 14 being Valentine's day, it is also my mom's birthday!   Michael's mom was kind enough to make dinner so the 4 of us enjoyed dinner, cake*, and Glee.   My sugar consumption was off the charts.  In other words, it was a lovely Valentine's day.

*Saturday was birthday dinner at Flying Fish while Dad was home.  Sunday we had chocolate peanut butter mousse cake, since Dad was still home and loves caked  Why doesn't?  Tuesday we had leftover cake.  Uncouth?  Maybe but it was SO DELICIOUS I did not even care.  Mom decided three days of celebrating is, in fact, better than one.

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