Saturday, April 25, 2009

Auditory amusements

Mom (while reading a magazine): What does paint my mo-gee-toes mean?
Me: What?
Mom: Mo-gee-toes. What is that?
Me: What are you reading?
Mom: It's an OPI color. You know, I am wearing conga line coral. But mo-gee-toes doesn't even make sense.
Me (reading the OPI ad): Mom, it's called Paint My Moji-Toes Red. Mo-hee-toes As in, Mojitos. You know, the drink. Read it outloud.
Mom: Oh, well it looks stupid written that way.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Video Killed the Radio Star?

I am a car radio slacker. I have always had this flaw. If not for my sister, I would have listened to one station in the car my entire adolescent life. (Jammin' 92.3) My auditory habits have not improved with age. When we lived in DC, I think we had 3 or 4 stations programmed and only listened to 2 of them. Upon moving to Florida, over the course of a few weeks I saw three billboards advertising three different stations. Each time I saw an ad, I tuned in, and if I liked the song, I saved the station. I did not go on a quest to find more, even though finding 30 minutes of music while driving home from work can be a challenge when working with only 3 buttons. In fact, I have often thought "I should look for some more stations online" and it stops there. Earlier this week I accidentally hit radio button #4 and instead of hearing static, I heard music! A country station! A GOOD country station! I was so excited. Either I programmed this station when we moved here and forgot, (very likely) or the same station ID was a station already programmed on the car when it lived in Ohio. I am not sure. I don't really care, because I am very much enjoying the country station. And I am proud to announce that I have recognized a great majority of the songs so far, and have also learned a few new ones by favorite artists!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Time for Tuxes!

Ah wedding planning. It continues in full force, and tomorrow is set to be a full day of invitation-ordering, registry-creating, and also, tuxedo-choosing. I am not sure what color to have the men wear (and at this point the groom has no opinion). I am not a huge fan of the all black tux - it makes me think of choir performances- and since this isn't a 1980s prom, the ties needn't match the girls' dresses. This is obviously a minor fashion dilemma, which means I turned to my favorite fashion assistant, my maid of honor, my sister! She continues to amuse me, though I have yet to make a decision.

Me: I am thinking about tuxedos and need color assistance. You obviously know what the girls are wearing.
Al: I think the following would be ok with black tux:
  • ivory vest and tie
  • grey vest and tie
  • black vest, pink tie.
  • sage vest and tie, possibly
Me: hmmm interesting. What color pink?
Al: Rio has a pink (v light) and a fuschia.
Tuscany has a "candy pink", which is rather vomitous on several levels.
Bella luna has a "bubble gum" (can we please leave the sweet factory, folks?)
Herringbone pink seems relatively non offensive in both hue and name.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

I am not making this up

As some of you probably know, I have been working part-time at a travel agency that specializes in student travel. About 6 weeks ago our general manager called me into the office and explained that a group was coming in April and they wanted an escort for the fifty 7th grade boys who would be in Orlando. He clarified that I would not be chaperoning, just escorting the group of 13 year olds and their chaperones around to the theme parks and other typical tourist spots. Not one to turn down paid time in a theme park, I agreed.

Later, I learned that this group has been dealing with our agency for about 30 years, and every year it's the 7th grade class. One of my co-workers said "Oh, so you're the pretty girl this year!" and I sort of laughed it off. I then learned, it is written into their contract that a "young pretty girl" will tour the parks with them every year. They are actually paying me to ride their chartered bus and enter the theme parks with them. I stay in their hotel and all meals are paid for. If they have problems with anything, I am on-hand to assist them.

Have you ever heard of such a thing? I find it to be a bit sexist, but since I am getting paid to go to Universal Studios and Disney World, and essentially eat ice cream and ride Space Mountain, I am not complaining.

[Auditory] amusements

I read Entertainment Weekly online a lot. It brings me great joy. Also, I love American Idol. Two examples of my aforementioned obsessions tying in to my favorite blog category are below

1) On the scene writer for American Idol 4/8/09, who had learned that Flo Rida would be performing live that night, instead of the typical pre-recorded celeb performance Idol throws our way.

"Bring on Flo, I say! Or maybe it's Rida, or Flo Ride -- however the kids are mangling the name that used to be associated with the southeastern region of the United States (seriously, what would Juan Ponce De Leon have to say about this?)."

2) A commenter on EW's idol wrap-up article, predicting his/her AI winner
"The vampire kid* is going to win it all. That is, unless church-boy Gokey defeats him in a holy war. "
*For you non-Idol watchers, this referring to Adam Lambert, the very talented, but very unusual, contestant and Danny Gokey, the undeniably wholesome contestant who you would have no problem introducing to your parents. I'll let you decide who is who (HINT: check for nailpolish and eyeliner)

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Celeb Sighting

My parents were here last week and we had dinner at Jiko, which is a tasty restaurant on Disney property. As we were finishing our dinners, my mom said "I have seen that man on TV before" and pointed to a guy with brown hair and a goatee. It was Joey Fatone, of NSync (and Dancing with the Stars) fame. Due to my vast boyband knowledge, I immediately recognized him, and said "But why couldn't it be one of the hot guys from NSync?" And my dad, who truly knows nothing about the boyband music genre, said "Yeah, like Justin Timberlake or Lance Bass" Who knew!? Dad actually knew two names and put them in the correct band, but he also picked two who were considered 'hot' back in the day. I was flabergasted!