Thursday, February 23, 2012

There were never such devoted sisters

Friday morning Michael and I both received missed calls from my sister.  I also had an email from her.  This is quite rare.  Al is not known for her frequent phone calls or communication in general.  Here's what the email said


I can fly in for $xxx, Saturday evening -- Tuesday afternoon. Is that ok for you? I'm assuming mom can take care of me on the days you work. Do you have monday off?

Sadly I did not have Monday off, but that did not stop her from coming on a whim!   Saturday Michael and I actually had plans to see Kelly Clarkson at Universal Studios (ohmygosh amazing concert) but my parents fetched Al from the airport and we had a blast on Sunday, playing mini golf at Fantasia Gardens.  We endured 20 mph winds -notice my hair- and of course, there were bison.

It was a lovely time not just because I got - count 'em - FOUR holes in one!   I had never in my life (that I can remember) gotten a hole in one in mini golf.   Luck was on my side for some of the holes.  I won on the front 9, but due to some, ahem, issues on the back side, did not win the game.

What's the best way to celebrate such achievement?  Why, with a trip to Ghirardelli ice cream of course.  My sister was kind enough to split the Gold Rush sundae with me.  Yeah I really had to twist her arm on that one.   Vanilla ice cream, chocolate fudge, peanut butter sauce, whipped cream, and a Ghirardelli chocolate on top with the cherry.  There are zero calories when you share, right?

The trip was short: less than 3 days but we did our best to visit, laugh, and entertain each other.  I have already started to pester her about coming back later this year.

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