Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Auditory amusement

Marla, discussing Angelina Jolie's obsession with children.

I think she's trying to adopt one from every continent. It's like they're McDonald's toys; she has to collect them all.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

The search for Yoda

There are many great things about my family. This chain of e-mails about a Yoda figurine is just one example of how we're quirky but will do just about anything for each other :) We also have a good sense of humor about most things, including children's toys.

To: Julia
From: Nene
Subject: Now I have a favor to ask of you, please
Hi Juj,
The favor I have to ask of you is to please look for a Yoda play figure the next time you go by the store which is at the exit of the Star Wars ride @ Disney. Michael bought a 4-pack of figures, in which Yoda was one of them, which came with a commemorative tin, from that particular store. (I do not know if they sell Yoda by himself, or not) Unfortunately, Bandit [the dog] got a hold of Yoda, and chewed his legs off by the time we realized he had the toy in his mouth. We have not been able to locate a Yoda at any of the stores nearby, so I was hoping you could be on the ‘lookout’ for one for us, if possible.

To: Nene
From: Julia
Subject: Yoda Update
Hi Nene,
Wanted to let you know I did see a Star Wars gift set at MouseGear yesterday (at EPCOT). It had Yoda, R2D2, C3PO, Chewbaca, a storm trooper, Darth Vader, and a couple other creatures. The set cost $12.99. The Yoda was approx 2" (maybe 2.5") tall. His legs were covered by his robe. He was not holding a light sabre. The box was horizontally rectangular (2 rows of characters, maybe 5 across) Wanted to see if that sounded like Michael's gift set.

To: Julia
From: Nene
Re: Yoda Update
Thank you for the update, & thanks for being on the lookout for Yoda! The set you mentioned is not the same set that Michael's Yoda came from, & his set was a bit more costly w/only (4) characters, but it did come with a commemorative tin, so maybe that's why it was a higher price.
Michael's Yoda had his legs covered by his robe, too, & was the appx size you listed. It's hard to say if it's the same one, but it probably is.

To: Juj
From: Nene
Subject: Search for Yoda is over
Hi Juj,
I just want to let you know that we found Yoda at SuperK on Saturday….yay! Believe it or not, Michael still had a return to make from Christmas & found Yoda, so the search is over.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Auditory amusement (actually an e-mail)

Um, not to sound sacrilegious, but doesn't [she] seem a little obsessed with Catholicism?

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Baby it's cold outside

I live in CENTRAL FLORIDA, aka "The Sunshine State". This morning it was darn sunny, but the thermometer on the car read... 36! That's Fahrenheit, folks. I heated my seat and drove to work with gloves on. I felt like I was in Ohio this morning!!! Although, if I were in Ohio, there would not have been a man cleaning my pool in the morning, which there definitely was today. I told him to be sure not to go in today or he'd freeze to death. If FL is this cold, I don't want to think about everywhere else. Stay warm, everyone!

Monday, February 2, 2009


Seen on the back of a dump truck involved in a fender bender this morning:

Safe driving is no accident

Update: On the way home, I saw a Fire/Rescue ambulance getting towed on the same road!