Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Have a seat. On the couch. In the dining room

Remember Circuit City?   The electronics retailer?   They went bankrupt in 2009 and closed all their stores.   In doing so, they liquidated their merchandise, causing electronics junkies brief moments of euphoria.   Michael is no exception to this rule.  We had recently purchased our house and he immediately deemed our current sound system too small for our new (not large) living room.   Off we went to Circuit City to see what they had in stock.  

Holy Sale, Batman!

After much agony (him) and time standing in the store (me) we ended up purchasing our sound system for less than 1/3 the original ticket price.   I was happy to save money.   He was happy to have a ridiculous sound system.   Life was good.

Until we got it home.   You see, Florida houses do not have basements.   When installing a system on the main floor of a home, one often strings the wires under the floor, or, along the basement 'ceiling'.  Without a basement there is a bit of a problem in that the wires have no place to go.   Into the Harry Potter Cupboard it went.   (No basement = cupboard under the stairs is it for storage.  I named it the Harry Potter cupboard long ago.  It's a cute name, no?)

Eventually the box in the cupboard started to irritate me.  We called Mr. Hook It Up.   These folks are lovely.   Yes they could do it.   It would involve stringing wire through the wall vertically and then along the ceiling and installing crown molding.   Fantastic.    No thanks.  The box remained in the cupboard, taking up a lot of room, mind you.

Cue to this month.   We know a guy who could string the wires through the ceiling!  No crown molding required.   Lots of holes to be cut, but he can fix them and refinish the ceiling.  It's sounding pretty good to me.   They started on Saturday.  And now our downstairs looks like this:

Yes there is a couch in the dining room.   And a receiver on the table.

The wires are strung, the ceiling is retextured (so they tell me... I can't exactly see for myself, as you might determine from the photo of the kitchen) and they now need to paint the ceiling and retexture the wall behind the TV where they also had to make cuts.

All this mess so we can have surround sound.... now, what action movie should we watch to test it out?


jennifer anderson said...

an adult movie!

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