Friday, October 24, 2008


Last weekend Michael and I went into the Apple Store because he wanted to look at the new somethings that were just released. Macbooks? Nanos? Not sure. We looked, but we also bought software. I convinced Michael to buy PrintShop so we can make save-the-dates for cheap(er) and also place cards and other wedding-related items. And post-wedding, PrintShop is fun. But the real excitement came when I saw Snood and said "LOOK! Let's get Snood!" in a quasi-joking manner. Michael agreed (!), probably because he was surrounded by new computers and doesn't seem to mind spending gobs of money in the Apple store.

If you're unfamiliar with Snood, be grateful. It's so much fun (and I can be rather obsessive) that I start to play and then look up and realize 90 minutes have passed and I have to go to the bathroom and still haven't eat breakfast. The game should come with a timer. Snood was actually a college discovery. Pannie's freshman-year roommates played it and she and I resisted playing until the end of the year, when we ultimately caved and downloaded the free trial game. Of course we used up the free trial game quota in less than a week and paid for the game upon returning to AU for sophomore year. Our Snood obsession resulted in many many evenings of Ash coming over to get dinner and Pannie and I alternately saying "One sec- I'm almost done" or "Wait. I finally beat level 9 and I can't stop now" and other such statements. Thank goodness it didn't adversely affect our grades!

After a year or so our computers got old and we never reinstalled the game. I believe Pannie recently downloaded the trial again but promptly used up all the games again. Turns out Snood is actually new and improved. Games include "Snoo-do-ku" which is basically a grid with crazy faces instead of numerals and really give you a headache. But there are so many more puzzles! And the "Journey" level has a pirate map! And the music is even more fun than it used to be. I told Pannie this week that we had, once again, purchased the full version of Snood, and she was obviously pumped. Michael successfully shared the game with her last night after some sort of weird Windows, hidden-file sharing thing over AIM, and I am happy to report that Pannie remains just as obsessed as I am:

I played Snood for THREE HOURS last night (while watching tv and whatnot), and then it almost made me late to work this morning. I could not get past that damn Hexagon City level--it took me like 10 tries--but I eventually did.

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ashley said...

Oh you guys were really into snood? I just thought your eternal delays to TDR was your nice way of saying I was fat!