Saturday, October 18, 2008

Wedding Planning

It has begun! We are still in the early stages, but it has been quite entertaining thus far.... mostly because of my sister. Here are some reactions/comments from Al.

Upon first hearing the news:
Al: Do I have to be in the wedding?
Me: Yes
Al: Can I wear black? I look good in black. Can I wear flip-flops? Will there be booze?
Me: No, perhaps, definitely

After sending her a photo of a bridesmaid dress with a bow on the back:
No. I get spoken to in Spanish enough without a huge bow calling attention to my ass

General thought:
This all sounds really stressful... the money, dresses, colors, flowers, food, booze, hall, invites, family, weather, church, guest list, Mom. I can't even imagine planning a wedding. Granted, I can't really imagine having a date, so first things first. I want an arranged marriage.

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