Tuesday, October 14, 2008


We had our first non-family visitors this weekend and it was so fun! Becky and Ryan arrived Friday morning and spent the holiday weekend with us touring Orlando. Despite some miscommunication with the Reunion cleaning staff, their visit started off nicely once we took a trip to the lazy river. I think we scared them both a little spending 12 hours at Magic Kingdom on Saturday, but being the expert tour guides that we are, we got in every attraction except the Jungle Cruise and managed to watch the parade and fireworks. We even managed to do something totally new (even for me!) when Ryan decided we should ride segways at Epcot! It was awesome. And if any of my loyal readers ever come visit, I promise to give you a fun tour, too!

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Anonymous said...

omg - segways!! you know who else wanted to ride segways this weekend? bill. in st. louis. at cupa. oy.