Thursday, October 2, 2008


I love bleach. I use it to clean white towels and most surfaces. I also use it (specifically, Clorox Cleanup) to clean to teapot when it starts to get stained. OCD? Probably.

This AM as I squirted the Clorox into the teapot, bleach came out of the nozzle (as usual) and also out the top (where you turn the nozzle from on to off) and evidently landed on my shorts. I didn't notice until I sat down and saw weird pinkish splotches on my brown shorts. Ugh. The shorts are not new and probably shouldn't be worn too much longer, but still. The reason they are a little worse for wear is because they were a favorite pair. Also, this incident means I now do not have a pair of brown shorts. I'm thinking I can still buy shorts in September since I live in Florida, so that's good news. However, the fact that I tend to try on at least ten pair before I find one that fits does not bode well.

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