Saturday, October 18, 2008

Super Saturday!

The day started off well when we had TCBY after lunch! I didn't know they still existed. I had a trip down memory land (and a 90s flashback) when I ordered vanilla with reese's cups. It was very yummy.

But it got better! We went into EPCOT to have dinner at the Food and Wine Festival. We were almost ready to go (Michael still wanted soup in Canada) and a nice lady tapped him on the shoulder and asked if we wanted to attend Party for the Senses. After she explained what the heck it was, ('A tribute to the sensory arts' that features more than 25 chefs and more than 25 wineries and breweries, with tasting stations set up all over the place, all you can eat. They're giving away 2 free tickets, which are usually $135 each.) we said yes and IT WAS AWESOME! We ate and drank a lot and every bite and sip were delicious. Highlight of the evening for Michael: Meeting Chef Robert Irvine from FoodNetwork's Dinner Impossible. Highlight of the evening for me: Unlimited champagne and truffles. Oh and we each got a free* wine glass with this year's theme/logo etched on it. Since this year's theme is Cities in Wonderland, I have a legitmate fear that my mother will steal it

*Of course if you buy a ticket, you better get something to take home- but we didn't so it was actually a free gift.