Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Weekend Wrap: Baseball tickets, Apartments, and more!



Since Auntie is a season ticket holder, she had access before the general population so we quickly logged in and procured 4 seats.   As surprising as this sounds, it's in an area of the stadium we have never sat in before.   We have our fingers crossed for decent weather and of course a TRIBE WIN!

We will soon have a more permanent place to live!
Michael and I decided to visit some apartments on Friday.  While I finished up work, he did a bit of internet research - mostly to find the hours for the places we were thinking of.   At the last moment, he saw a listing for new construction apartments that open in April.   Well - they were the best ones!  I am glad he stumbled across that on Friday.   We visited an existing property, saw the floorplan of the new apartment, and put down a deposit.  We should get the official confirmation that we qualify [in other words that we have enough money and no criminal record] later this week.   Even though it's a pain to unload all of our stuff, it will be AWESOME to have a more permanent place to call home.

Award shows are entertaining
Sunday was Oscar Day for us, and I've got to say, it is much more fun to watch the awards after seeing almost all the movies!  As luck would have it, we got our hands on Gravity Saturday, so by the time the Oscars rolled around, we had seen 8 of the 9 movies nominated for Best Picture.  Of course, the one we did NOT see, Twelve Years A Slave, won that coveted award.   I have mixed feelings on wanting to see it.  On one hand the performances look absolutely amazing, and it WON BEST PICTURE for crying out loud.  But on the other hand, I think it would be a very tough movie to watch.   Not that sharing the stories of those who suffered should not happen.  Definitely not saying that.   I just do not know if I, personally, want to watch those images.    Time will tell.

 But you know when they are announcing the nominees for a particular award?   Say, best actress?  We had seen those clips in context!  It was so cool.  I am a huge nerd with no life.  I realize this.  But what I am trying to say is that during this cold midwestern winter, I enjoyed having something to work toward [I do love a list!] and it helped me to appreciate the movies and performances that much more.   OK enough movie talk.

Our own red carpet
For the first time EVER we were in town to attend the American Cancer Society fundraiser and it was a lot of fun!   Michael and I got all glammed up for the black tie optional ball.   {I forgot to take a picture, boo hiss}   Many kind people complimented me on my hair [!!!! seriously I am not a hair person] and my dress, which is always nice.   Let me tell you I am far from a fashionista.  When you work at home and 'go out' to the gym during the week it can mean a lot when strangers see you as a real person!  We even went home with three items from the silent auction.   If I had presented you with a list of all the items up for auction, I'm pretty sure you would have picked these three for us.   We bid on a lot more, most of which went over our price range pretty quickly.  So what did we win?

  • Two Level A tickets to a Great Lakes Theater performance [we chose DeathTrap later this month]
  • A basket of homemade pasta sauce, pasta, and delicious Italian wine
  • A gift certificate to the Tree House Gallery and Tea Room [where I had my bridal luncheon!]

Between all of our events, it was a busy weekend!   It is, however, rather enjoyable to not get bored during the Long Winter.  (To clarify I meant the season, not the Laura Ingalls Wilder book)  We are all counting down the days til we can get outside again!!

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