Friday, February 28, 2014

7 Quick Takes: Week ending February 28

Why the big kitty to start things off?   Well, as of Thursday morning [when I started this post] it looks like March is coming in like a LION. 

Why am I not surprised, Northeast Ohio?   To cope with Mother Nature's trickery I will continue to:

Rock my fingerless gloves at work

Wear layers

Drink lots of tea

Another full weekend ahead!  As we dodge March's lion we will be

  • attending LRA's high school musical - Crazy for You- with Donald (and also enjoying a tasty dinner beforehand)

  • possibly checking out a place to live [!]
  • celebrating 14 years of this guy

  • attending the American Cancer Society fundraising gala.   

Basically, this means I will be fixing my hair and makeup for 2 consecutive days.   Get excited, y'all! 

Of course, Sunday we will be tuning in to the Oscars and for the first time ever, we have actually seen most of the movies!    For the record, because I will reference this next year [nerd alert], we have seen the following movies that appear in one or more major categories:  
American Hustle, August: Osage County, Blue Jasmine, Captain Phillips, Dallas Buyers Club, Despicable Me 2, Frozen, Her, Nebraska, Philomena, Saving Mr. Banks, and The Wolf of Wall Street.

If only Drug Mart could keep Gravity in stock long enough for me to rent it, I would be 8 for 9 in Best Picture!

Speaking of movies and all things cinema... we actually saw The Wolf of Wall Street and Blue Jasmine this past week.  The Wolf of Wall Street was good.   Honestly I was prepared to hate it and I really did not.  It was better than I was expecting.   Leo was fantastic [though I still feel like his best performance ever was in What's Eating Gilbert Grape?] and the movie was long but did not feel interminable.  AND!  I did not have to take a bathroom break.  I know, I was surprised too.   Side note: I love our Regal card.  In the past few weeks we have obviously seen quite a few movies, but also gotten rewards - Free movie ticket!  Free beverage!  Money off popcorn!  They know how to keep us coming back

While I am not usually the world's biggest Woody Allen fan, but I was glad we saw Blue Jasmine.  Both women are deservedly up for awards this Sunday so I am that much more invested in the show!   And also pumped to see Ellen again.

Last Sunday was a clear but chilly day.  The perfect day to get in a quick run [says me] and eat brunch [says Michael].   We love The Feve for brunch - their menu changes weekly - but were wanting to check out another local establishment's brunch options as well.  This place has amazing dinner so why not expand our horizons?   After walking in we saw a short line but lots of open tables.  As we neared the front of the line, the hostess blatantly ignored a couple in front of us and asked Michael how many were in our party.  As he was saying "They were here first" she interrupted and said "ALL I NEED TO KNOW IS HOW MANY".   So he told her, but as soon as he did, we locked eyes and I said "Would you like to go somewhere else?"   Maybe I was overreacting, and maybe I should expect that type of blatant rudeness in a college town where there is little competition, but I was appalled.  We walked out and headed over the The Feve where we enjoyed a tasty meal and decent service.  Imagine that.


FINALLY got around to making baseball cookies on Sunday and they were darn tasty.   I sent what equates to an entire roll of cookie dough to Al because:

a) I am the greatest sister ever
2) We both love frosting
d) All of the above

Answer: D

Ten points Gryffindor if you can name the movie that lists A / 2 / D as multiple choice options.

Turns out my timing was perfect because this week we were able to watch and listen to NOT ONE BUT TWO Tribe games!  YAAAAAAAY like Kermit.   Let the Opening Day countdown begin - 34 days   GO TRIBE

Wednesday evening we were invited to dinner at Glenda and Marty's.   (Maybe this should be called 7 Quick Takes About Eating!)   Anyway, food cooked by these two is always delicious, but I am not sure I was prepared for the Cleveland feast that was presented.   Lake Erie Perch [fried in a delicious family batter recipe], pierogies from Sokolowskis and homemade coleslaw.  It was a great way to channel summer on the North Coast during yet another cold snap.  And a heck of a way to liven up Hump Day!   Many thanks to our gracious hosts.  We will be back for more soon - consider this a warning

My 12-week Half Marathon training has begun.   I am following a new schedule this year which, at first glance, seems like more running on each day, but not necessarily more running on a weekly basis.   The Saturday runs are longer, sooner, but there are more rest days.  So - we will see how it goes!   My goal is to shave off more minutes of my time.   I shaved 11 minutes off from race #1 to #2.   I am pretty sure I cannot shave 11 minutes off my time from #2 to #3 but I am going to try to shave 'a few' and work with it. 

Don't forget to check out Jen for more Quick[er] Takes.   Maybe if I posted more regularly I could write about this stuff in less detail on the 'quick' page.  :-) 

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