Saturday, March 22, 2014

7 Quick Takes: Week ending March 21

Baseball is just around the corner!   Last Saturday we started dividing up our 1/2 season ticket pack among the three main participants and it was so exciting.   Who needs Christmas presents?  Give me baseball games any day.

On a whim Michael and I went furniture shopping last Saturday afternoon.   We never have had a bed [just the frame from the mattress store] and our IKEA dressers that we built in 2005 were not going to make it through another move.   So our mattresses are in storage but we have no drawers in which to put things.   I sense an organizational nightmare, don't you?   Well, turns out furniture shopping is annoying because these places always have sales and say things like "the prices are listed here but we can do better"  Ugh.   Please just tell me the price so I know if I can afford it or not.   Relatedly, real furniture [yay Ohio Amish country!] is expensive, y'all!

Have you had the new Vanilla Macchiato at Starbucks?  Oh My Gosh.   So, we have an automatic espresso/latte machine at home.   I know, how high maintenance can you get?  Well, Michael kept going out and buying lattes [don't get me wrong I was not complaining] and it's just more cost effective, ultimately, to have your own machine.  The upside of course is not spending money at Starbucks every day.   The downside is you may be missing out on some tasty treats.  Now, when we were at the auto show and test drove a car, we each got a $5 Starbucks gift card.  So while out looking at furniture, we took a FREE coffee break.   Oh goodness.   I must obtain the drizzle so we can re-create this heaven at home.

This weekend we have plans to head downtown to the Horseshoe Casino in the old Higbee building, to see what the fuss is all about.    When we go to Vegas we are not huge gamblers, but it sure is entertaining.   Michael Symon's B Spot is also at the food court so I anticipate eating some deliciousness as we lose our money.

Mario is participating in a local Dancing With the Stars charity event - he's the star!  He was a bit nervous after practice Thursday but I'm sure he'll be great.  Dance lessons are on our list of things to do... aside from learning 1 dance for our wedding, I am clueless.  

Seems like we have uninvited house guests.   Sunday morning when I fed Oliver, both he and I heard some unsanctioned activity in the pantry.  Something was in there moving around.   Just what you want to hear on a weekend morning, right?   We also heard activity in the CEILING Thursday morning.  Well, due to past issues, my parents have scheduled maintenance with a pest control company.   The guy came out as usual this week, and spent a great deal of time looking for signs of pests and did not find much.  So frustrating.  He put out some bait in various places, but I fear our guests will be here until the bait does its thing [aka kills the rascal]

I'm pretty pumped [as usual] for March Madness!  This year American University made it in the first round, but being up against Wisconsin they didn't stand a chance.   I watched them during lunch on Thursday and things were looking good [well, at least decent] in the first half but then all hell broke loose.   No one really thought they'd win, and to make it to the Big Dance is so cool for a lot of the smaller schools.   I see many more games in my future this weekend and next, for sure!

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