Friday, March 14, 2014

7 Quick Takes: Week ending March 14

Each and every weekday morning I eat the same breakfast: berries [rasp-, black-, and/or straw-], Chobani yogurt and a sprinkling of Kashi GoLean Crunch.   This week Michael decided he wanted to taste the Kashi plain.   I advised against it, but he didn't listen.  After making a face he declared "This is what they give to the horses.  It's what is left over after they make Captain Crunch!"   I guess he won't be stealing my breakfast any time soon

Saturday morning, Michael decided, on a whim, that we needed to check out the newly renovated Cleveland Museum of Art and eat some place delicious while we were out there.  Well, turns out he is pretty smart.   The museum is gorgeous.  I mean the building and layout, not the art itself.  Whoa.   I am not the best art museum wanderer, but we spent a little time soaking it in and using ArtLens, a super cool George Jetson type app for the iPad or smartphone that gives you oodles of info about art.  The painting scans are cooler than the sculputure scans, but two thumbs up all around.  And the best part?  It you don't have a device, you can rent one!

As far as the delicious food, Fire did not disappoint.   In fact we learned that the chef is up for a James Beard award!  I can certainly see why.  The salad we shared ended up being a wedge {which I traditionally despise} but they split it and it was scrumptious.   The other appetizer was a sausage stuffed into a PEPPER!  Oh my goodness.   It was so Cleveland and so amazing and exactly what we needed on a chilly evening.  We decided to order 2 separate entrees [after I pouted that Michael almost ordered the same thing as me] which was genius because the entree we both almost ordered was not as tasty to me :)  And DESSERT?!  Everyone should order the Fire Split [fudgey brownie, salted caramel ice cream and brûléed banana]

This weekend we will be cultured in the dramatic department.  We're seeing DeathTrap at Great Lakes Theater and of course, dining at someplace yummy.   I could get used to this.   I also have a hair appointment at a new salon today, so I will have a night out with good hair! 

We hosted Marilyn overnight this week.   It's pretty cool when your former music teacher, who has become a family friend, can stay the night.   As you might expect, delicious food and wine was involved, and she even indulged Michael by playing ridiculous accompaniments for his singing.

At the risk of sounding like an old person, the weather is killing me.  I ran - OUTSIDE! in a T SHIRT! on Tuesday and then less than 24 hours later, we were slammed with snow.   So frustrating.  Can I tell you how strange it felt to run without sleeves or long pants?  And by strange I mean wonderful.

And finally, who doesn't love a good cat video?   Oliver keeps us entertained

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