Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Favorite Things: Winter Edition

In honor of the March blizzard we are expected to get tomorrow [six to ten inches?!] I have complied a list of my favorite winter items.  I truly hope this is the last time we will need to think about any of these winter necessities, but Ohio will likely stick it to us again before spring sticks around for good.

Sorel boots

Full disclosure: Since they were delivered, it has not really been snowy enough to warrant wearing these!   I will probably get to try them out for real this week to, you know, get the mail.   Or to participate in the Iditarod.   Either way.

SmartWool Liner Gloves

Not only do they act like regular gloves and keep your hands warm but they allow you to use your phone [and other tech devices] too!  Nothing is sadder than removing your gloves to answer your phone or to change a song on your iPod while you are outside.  Part of me wants to buy about 10 more pair - all winter stuff is on sale now anyway - and stash them in every coat I own.  
Note: these are not the warmest gloves on the planet.   If it's Dakota Territory cold, use them as a liner under a thicker pair.

SmartWool Socks

Typically a Feetures! girl for athletic socks, I bought 2 pair of SmartWool socks on sale [even though it is still winter!] and absolutely love them.  They're great for bumming around at home, treadmill running, or even keeping your feet toasty walking from the parking lot to the gym on frigid days.   But most of all they are amazing for outside running [or hiking or snowshoeing or whatever you do] when the air is chilly and your shoes are not wind proof.   I currently own the "Run Light Micro" style but a few taller pairs would probably keep me even warmer on outside runs since my ankles would be 100% covered.   They are marketed as an athletic sock but they are so toasty even couch potatoes should consider them vital.

Fleece tights

Again, ordered on sale in January.   (If you can time it right, you really should never pay full price for winter gear!)   My initial impression of these tights was not good because the size chart blatantly lied.   But I kept stretching them and they finally are long enough for my tall girl legs.    They look like regular old black tights, but the inside is fuzzy, like a sweatshirt.   Whoever thought of this idea is a genius.   They are much cozier than regular nylon tights, and when paired with knee high boots, you could stay outside for quite awhile without freezing.  Despite my initial hesitations, two thumbs up!  I will keep my eyes open for other colors.

Running Tights

Part of the Ninja Suit, Sugoi Mid-Zero tights are pretty much the best thing ever.   They are a lot like regular running tights but, as with my fleece babies above, are lined with a sweatshirt type material.  Except it's a fancy sweatshirt and does not absorb sweat while you run.   I don't know what magical unicorn hair concoction they use, but it works.   The tights are comfortably snug, like you're getting a lower-body hug from a fluffy creature as soon as you put them on.  And gosh are they comfortable!   I have thought about wearing them as lounge pants in the house more than once.   So far I have not done so, but am not ruling out wearing them indoors, either.   More running gear recommendations [for foul and fair weather] will be coming in a future post.


Soon after moving to the Buckeye State, Michael and I noticed our skin was very dry and itchy.   Duh it's winter, right?   Right.   But it was worse than that.   Like, keep you up at night itchy and dry and red and GROSS.  Part of the problem is that the outside temps were single digits and the furnace ran constantly, drying out the air to humidity levels of about 25%.   Hello static! 

So after a little bit of web searching we {Michael} stumbled upon this relatively unattractive but very effective humidifier.   Pretty much any type will do the job, but we found this Honeywell that works up to 2300 square feet, so the perfect size for our current home. We even found a coupon and paid way less than the MSRP.    It's been running basically non-stop and works beautifully.   During very dry days we do have to refill it regularly but that means it is working!  I don't anticipate living in a large space over the next couple years so it should serve us well in upcoming winters.  

Flannel Sheets

For some reason, flannel sheets are a polarizing topic.    My mother hates them.  Really, hate is not too strong a word here -  she really cannot stand them.   Last month Mom told me to take the sets in her house when we move since she will never use them.   YAY!   You see, I think flannel sheets are the greatest thing since sliced bread.  Probably even better.   I have had flannel sheets on the bed since the day we moved to Ohio.   There are 2 sets here in the linen closet so I throw one in the wash and can immediately make up the bed with a new set.  They are so darn cozy.   You can buy them just about anywhere, but Target likely has them on sale this time of year, and Home Goods probably has them on sale year round!  

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