Friday, February 7, 2014

7 Quick Takes: Week Ending February 7

We have a big weekend planned

  • Movie Theater trip [I am pulling for Dallas Buyer's Club, personally, but we have to see what's playing when] 
  • Dinner at Washington Place
  • Cleveland Orchestra concert 
  • Prepare for FL flight, which should not take long at all
  • Baseball cookies! [see below]

Friday January 31 was TRUCK DAY.   So of course, this past week we SHOULD HAVE made cookies.   Unfortunately I was not quite as on top of things this year, so I did not bake them - let alone send them - yet.  Hoping I can get my act together this weekend...   Wait, you're not an obsessed baseball fan?  You don't celebrate the official start of spring training?   You're utterly confused?   Catch up here.  GO TRIBE

Along with packing, purging, and changing my shipping address on eleventy billion websites, moving means I have to find a new hair stylist.   I LOVED my Florida stylist.  She's the best and originally from Ohio;  it was like a match made in heaven.  But she lives 1000 miles away now and I cannot afford to fly her in monthly.   Whomp-whomp.   Tuesday I went to a new salon and got my color fixed [bye bye gray!] and a trim.   I never like to dive into a brand new style with a new person.   I have to get to know them first before I take a big plunge.   Maybe next time.... I liked her enough that I booked an appointment for March so we'll see what happens!

Earlier this week Michael and I attended an event talking about the Vision Beyond 50 long-term plan of our alma mater.   It was a group of high-level donors [a group to which I will someday belong!] and a new way for me to learn about the school.   Weeknight events can be tricky for me with my crazy schedule, but it's always nice to meet people and stay up to date with what is going on, especially as Alumni Council chair.

During a previous snow invasion - this was more than just a storm, folks; look at that drift! - I noticed my calf-height winter boots were just not cutting it to GET THE MAIL.    You know you live in a winter wonderland when getting the mail requires you to dress for the Iditerod.   So I scoured for discounted legit winter boots.    And this is what I got.   I am not yet sure if I will keep them.   They seem ginormous and furry but oh so warm and likely quite functional and water proof.  Still on the fence here.  Thoughts?

So turns out I love fleece tights, but the size chart is a wee bit off.   You see, I am 5'9 and weigh more than 130 and less than 175.   According to this helpful information, these tights should fit.   However...... it took a LOT of work.   I jumped and danced and scrunched the fabric and kept pulling.  It was quite a sight.  But when your legs are 39" long, hip to ankle, sometimes there just isn't enough fabric.    Good news is I did finally get them in place, after much effort and wriggling.  Typically this is not my idea of a good time and I'd return the tights immediately, but they were so inexpensive, and are so cozy, I think I'll give 'em a whirl.  [name the 90's movie]

I realize this is no longer a 'current topic' but bear with me if only for the recipe.   Like most Americans, on Sunday we tuned in for the Super Bowl and were, sadly, a bit bored.   I am a football fan and also tend to enjoy the commercials.   This year, though, I was just not feeling it.  The game was ridiculous, and most ads were forgettable.    A bright spot included Michael making Emeril's Spinach and Artichoke dip sandwiches.    Never have we worked so hard for a grilled cheese, but it sure was tasty!

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Hannah said...

Are those Sorel Joan of Arctics? If so, I have the EXACT ones, color and all. They're hefty, especially in the foot part, but I do love them in the snow.

Also: totally with you on the fleece tights bandwagon. They are the greatest.