Friday, January 31, 2014

7 Quick Takes: Week ending January 31

After almost 3 weeks, I am finally going to see Grammie today!  We live less than a 15 minute drive away, but between negative temperatures and blizzards and general working, the visits did not line up.   The good news is that Nene will be around as well, allowing me to visit two of my favorite people at once.   You know I am all about efficiency.

Last Friday we had "A Date Night," as Michael kept calling it.  This consisted of running an errand and eating at Red Lobster.   We really live it up.   I had not been inside RL for probably 15 years and I was pleasantly surprised.   The evening also consisted of me dropping my hat in the parking lot during the errand, not realizing it until we got to dinner, and having to retrace our steps.   I have lost so many hats since college it's not even funny.    The good news is that we found it, washed in the sink, and it's as good as new.

In addition to a traditional date night, Michael also treated me and my in-laws to a gourmet meal cooked at home complete with champagne.   Y'all.    It was delicious.    I am sure I am still running off the calories that I consumed on Sunday but it was worth it.  In other news, I'll be eating grilled chicken breast until Easter :-)

And while we're on the YAY Michael kick, I would like to report that I lost my VOIP internet connection that I use for work.   Michael MacGyvered a system that hooked my phone up to my personal computer which then used my cell phone as an internet hot spot.   It was a long shot, but it worked.   I love that he is such a good problem solver in so many areas, but especially technology.

This past weekend my mom alerted me to a few mega sales going on via the interwebs.   I really do not like shopping in stores, so on a frigid Sunday, I spent time browsing clearance winter clothing.   I understand stores have cycles that are way ahead of the seasons, but it is pretty silly to have a clearance sweater posted the same day you are experiencing -2 as your high.   Not that I'd know anything about that.      Any hoo, as part of my shopping spree, I ordered a pair of FLEECE TIGHTS! I am so excited about these.    I got word that my order shipped on Thursday so hopefully the warm coziness will arrive soon.   I should probably consider ordering a few spare hats too, now that I think about it.

Are you ready for some football?   I must say I love Super Bowl weekend.   I'm a fan of the game and I also enjoy all of the ads.  I have two entries in our office Super Bowl Squares game, so might even win some money among all the fun.   Bottom Line: I am looking forward to Sunday for the game, the food and of course the ads.  Have you seen this sneak peak from Budweiser?   I absolutely adore it.

Working in a sales department, my job ebbs and flows by the months of the calendar.   Typically the earlier portion of the month is slower and the last few days are craziness.   I am all for routine and knowing what to expect at work, but this month threw me for a loop - and a GOOD one!    After the New Year's confetti settled, we were SLAMMED.   This continued for about three weeks and started to taper.   The good news?   For the first time in I can't remember when [so many the first time EVER!] I reached my goal about halfway through the month and then I passed it.   By a LOT!   And to make it an even sweeter victory..... everyone on my team surpassed their goals too.   It was an AWE$OME month [as we like to say]

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