Friday, January 24, 2014

7 Quick Takes: Week ending January 24

Last week we took a drive past the property and were pleased to see vertical steel beams!   This indicates that walls will be up - eventually - and those are rather important for a building.    I'm standing there in what will be the drive-thru to orient ourselves and to keep the scale in perspective.   I'm 5'9 so those are some tall beams.

Michael is doing additional training locally.   Mandatory franchisee training ended lsat month but he wants to keep his skills sharp for when those beams turn into walls turns into a restaurant.  His first day was Tuesday.   I have a connection to that shop owner's wife.  We went to the same church and her mom was my 3rd grade PSR teacher.  Small world!

We also HIRED OUR FIRST EMPLOYEE and it's someone I have known my whole life and love dearly and am related to!   Having her join this challenge is so exciting.  She's a pro and trustworthy and ideal in so many ways.   Her expertise cannot be measured, but we'll try by paying her a salary and providing her with a kick-ass work environment.   YAY

Movie Update
Philomena is VERY good.   Sad, haunting almost.   Worth the watch.  Bring tissues
Her is VERY weird.   Interesting concept, good acting, good production values, almost literary in some elements.   I just couldn't get behind the idea of an OS having emotions.   Both Michael and Mario enjoyed it more than me.   Not to say I hated it - it was just not my cup of tea.
Oz The Great and Powerful is worth the rent!  I went in with low expectations and was pleasantly surprised.   We needed an escape-type story after all the heady dramas we've been seeing!

It's still cold.   A second 'polar vortex' type snap is here.   Boo hiss.   I have contemplated wearing my Sugoi tights (aka Ninja Suit!) under my jeans while working here at home.  So far I have not pulled the trigger but I am tempted.   I did, however, decide to wear my thumb-loop running jacket today!

So... we are pumped to go to Florida next month.    Michael and I will be working to pack up the house but we can open the windows and with luck I can jog outside.   YAY!    We will also be playing as we celebrate Mom's 60th birthday, and thankfully Al will be able to join the whole fam-damily in the festivities thanks to Michael's expertise with airfare and a United voucher from September when our plane was broken.   Grrrr  - but at least it helped us get the family all in one spot!

I have been a FitBit fan for several years.    Well, my FitBit stopped syncing on January 1.   A rather ominous start to the new year for someone who never is without it.  I am happy to report that the FitBit customer service is absolutely amazing.   We did a bit of trouble shooting, diagnosed the issue, and they sent me a brand new device.   Seriously - amazing people to work with.   I'm still a little shocked I had any issue at all, but technology is not foolproof so at least they have a backup system.   Less than 4 days after the ultimate diagnosis, I have a new device in my house.   Amazing.

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