Friday, January 17, 2014

7 Quick Takes: This Week's Summary

Grandma is home after surgery in December, a stint in rehab, and an unexpected hospital visit.   She is happy to be home, but it is challenging for her to accomplish basic tasks due to her age and being very weak.   The good news is that a lot of family is close by - including us now! - so hopefully that will help long term and keep her spirits up.

American Idol is officially on our TV right now.   It's been awhile.  While I don't anticipate watching every moment, I must say that I am loving HCJ.   Several years ago he was a mentor and bringing him back as a judge seems like an excellent move.   Well done, AI

Mother nature must have heard me last week.  By some miracle, I had a few hours on Sunday during which it was sunny but not snowing and not single digit temperatures so I was able to run outside.   Was it my favorite or best run of my life?  Not at all.   But it was the first non-treadmill run of 2014 so I consider it a success.

Tinseltown prevails.  We keep going to see movies in the theater [Frozen!  August: Osage County!] but we're also keeping up with the award circuits.  After devoting several hours of my life to the Golden Globes, I made a point to check the Oscar nods yesterday and consequently have a decent list of "Movies I should see before the Oscars"    I have always wanted to see all the best picture nominations before the show.   This year I have seen a couple already and there are one or two that I have no interest in seeing, but I anticipate being able to make a dent.   This excites me because I am a nerd living in a cold climate.   I am able to stay up with pop culture and remain entertained and CREATE AND CROSS OFF A LIST.   #Win

Music is powerful, folks.   It's amazing how spending $15 on three MP3 Greatest Hits albums [gotta love Amazon's $5 collection] can make a difference.   It has pepped up my work and my workouts this week.  And at this price I feel like I should plan on updating more regularly!

Some days I like my job more than others.   I have been on an upswing for awhile and it's quite lovely. I'm not necessarily waiting for the other shoe to drop, but I am enjoying this current state!   It's been busy and at times a little more than what is comfortably busy but overall, at the end of each day, I feel satisfied.  I feel lucky to be able to say that.

This time of year it's all about makeovers and chances and resolutions and I love it!   But I am feeling a bit on the outside looking in.   We're not in a permanent spot so there is no room to makeover or adjust.  The closets and storage areas are not full of my stuff so I really don't have any business going in there purging and rearranging.   And the idea of buying new clothes when I work from home and will also have to move to a new place in a few months is also not appealing to me.   I am telling myself that I can save up and do even more next year :-)   And in the meantime I'll enjoy the dollars remaining in the bank.

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