Friday, January 10, 2014

7 Quick Takes

I am trying something new here in 2014.   One of my favorite bloggers, Kathryn, writes what she calls 7 Quick Takes that serve as a weekly wrap-up.  I like it!   It's like a cliffs notes version of the week and seems like a saving grace for people who may continue to slack off on posting   Maybe I can even keep it going THROUGHOUT the week and be ready to schedule it for Friday.   Hey a girl can dream.


Our Florida house sold!   This is good news because it means we get some cash and the money is not sunk into a house in which we are no longer living.    It is a cute house, we enjoyed living in it, but we have moved on - no pun intended - and will look to settle in a new place in the coming months.   (We're living in my parents house while they're south for the winter - it's working well except for the leak!  See #3)


It was cold.   I mean, obviously, we all know that.   But after arriving back in Ohio a few weeks ago after several years in Florida, it was kind of a mean trick.  The inside thermostat shows the outside temperature as -12 degrees F.  In Celsius it's even worse (-24).   This was captured for posterity and perspective the next time someone complains about being cold when it's, you know, 30 degrees.   Perspective, people!

The cause caused only minimal damage so far in that it caused condensation to freeze in the bathroom fan.   What do you do when this happens?   Call Dad!   Luckily my dad can diagnose just about anything so after a description of the situation, me crawling up on the bathroom counter to peer into the intake pipe, and a lot of fan-running, we SEEM to have turned a corner.   The bad news?   The water that did leak collected on the backsplash of the counter and has caused it warp like nobody's business.   Do I see the first home repair of 2014?

For the first time in I can't remember when, we are in town for a big-family birthday party!   This time it's Aubri, my cousin's daughter, turning 2.   The pink wrapping paper has already made an appearance.   Photos of joy to come next week

I miss running.   We joined the local metroparks / gym last Saturday and they have the usual equipment and also classes, a pool, etc.  But what I really want to do is just run outside.  I have the gear, but the sidewalks are just not clear enough.   I fall in good weather, remember?  I can only imagine what sheets of ice will do to me.   I am thankful for the indoor equipment, but I am looking forward to 'warming up' this weekend that should melt the snow and ice on the paths and allow me a few outside miles and frozen snot.   Sorry - gross - but it's the little things!

TRAVEL PLANS have started.   Barely.  But they have!  If you read my year in review, you will see that for the 2nd year in a row I have not left the country.   I love our country but I also love exploring new places.  My BFF approached me about dusting off our passports in 2014 and I am excited!    We do not know where or when, but it has been fun to throw out ideas


Cold weather results in northern residents enjoying a lot of inside activities.   I know, I know.  Thank you captain obvious.  We watched four movies in the span of less than three days, which is a huge deal for me.   I really don't like sitting still that long and most titles are not compelling enough for me to sit and watch them instead of doing other things.   But when it's January I definitely change my tune.  Michael and I even combined home viewing with a trip to the theater despite frigid temperatures.  What did we see, you ask?  Man of Steel, The Heat, Despicable Me 2, and American Hustle.   Man of Steel was disappointing and confusing to watch, but two thumbs up on the remaining titles.

When you're sick of sitting on your butt watching movies, you can also take the more 'active' route [at least for your mind] and play games.  It's a good thing that board games make me smile.   My family always played games when I was younger.  We did not have a set game night, but when one does not have cable tv and the winters are long, you do what you can.   Over the years, our collection has dwindled, but a few favorites still remain on the shelf in the 'playroom' and they usually make an appearance at Christmas when we're all together at home.  Now that Michael and I are living here, the games keep coming.   Wednesday it was Sorry!   Remember Sorry! ?   It's a classic - from the 1950s originally, who knew- and the first round was quick but the second took us almost an hour.    We are dorks, but we had a lot of fun.  For the record, it is 2-0 Jules.    I'm competitive, I keep track.

Kathryn's idea comes from Jen - check it out!

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