Saturday, February 1, 2014

Favorite Things: Cat Edition

Several blogs I enjoy [see right sidebar for a full list!] have semi-regular posts where they share their favorite things.   They do not get kickbacks, and the posts are not sponsored, but their readers enjoy learning about products that work for them and why.   Personally, I enjoy them because I appreciate someone else doing research in finding the "best" of something.   Saves me time and money trying to find it myself.   I might as well start with a proven item.

And I realize that I have not even a FRACTION of their readers, but in the interest of keeping blog posts more regular, I am dipping my toe in today.    My first installment isn't even about me - it's about Oliver!

So without further adieu, a few of my favorite Cat Items that, honestly, I don't think I could live without!

Zanies Furry Mice

Back in the day, Wooie loved these small mice, often so much she would flat-out ignore her other toys.    Soon after adopting Ollie, we ordered a variety pack of toys and once he played with this one, it was love at first sight.   So I did what any smart cat owner would do: I bought them in bulk.   We are about halfway through our second box [there are 60 in each] and the mice cost about 20 cents each.  I cannot think of a better use of my money!

Why I love them
  • Cheap
  • Countless hours of play
  • Keeps Oliver from playing with non-toys such as: socks, computer cords, nail polish bottles, shoe laces, Christmas ornaments, etc.

The Ultimate Scratching Post

I know what you are thinking.  Seriously, Jules?  A scratching post is a scratching post...

Why I love it
  • It's almost 3 feet high!  Oliver can stretch vertically - he's even longer than the cutie in the above photo
  • Since is so high, he can climb and scratch at once.  It's almost like climbing a tree, which is ideal for this former outdoor feline. 
  • It has a large base so even though Ollie is quite strong, he cannot tip it over
  • Oliver LOVES it and uses it many times per day.  [Have you ever bought a post for a cat who did not even touch it?  Total opposite here!]
**Admitedly this does not 'go' with my home decor.   However, I have decided to overlook that because a single post is better than shredded furniture.

We bought this after a vet told us Oliver had allergies and breathing issues [thankfully, turns out he doesn't!] because it is low dust.   After our first encounter with it, we have never looked back.   It probably does cost a little more than the more mainstream brands, but it works so well I don't even care.

Why I love it
  • It does not create any discernible dust
  • It is shipped free via Amazon Prime
  • It does not stick to Oliver's feet, so it does not end up all over the house
  • It has no scent, and yet it absorbs litter box odors

For the record, never in a million years did I think I would wax poetic about cat litter.  But I did.  Amazon currently lists more than 1,100 reviews for the products, and it averages 4.5 stars so I am no the only one!

This is more of a niche item, but I am convinced it is a big part of why Oliver did so well when he flew on the airplane from Florida to Ohio in December.   It is not cheap, but I had never flown with him and was willing to buy the luxury car equivalent if it made my life easier.   If you absolutely have to fly with your cat [or small dog] this is for you.

Why I love it
  • Comfy for kitty [fur liner!] and also dark so they feel more secure
  • Loops over my carry-on handle
  • Fits under the seat no problem
  • [Relatively] easy to take kitty out during security
  • Collapses for easy storage

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