Thursday, January 31, 2013

Truck Day Cookies

After a long cold winter, it's time to think about spring.  The Browns season ended more than a month ago, [thank goodness] but Cleveland Indians fans are focused on a fresh start.  Truck Day, the day the equipment truck leaves Cleveland for its cross-country drive to Goodyear, Arizona, is the first of many signs of spring.  My countdown clock tells me there are 60 days until Opening Day but I am focused on more immediate excitement.   And truck day gets the ball rolling.  No pun intended.

When we were kids, Auntie made cookies with a fellow baseball fan to celebrate the day.  Several years ago I rekindled the tradition because I love baseball and I love frosted sugar cookies almost as much.

Earlier this week, I made a batch of cookies so that my fellow baseball fans (Auntie and my sister, Al) would receive the cookies at the right time.  As luck would have it, today, January 31, marks the truck's first day on the road, and the boxes were delivered right on time.

Are you a baseball fan?  Do you want an excuse to make cookies?  Do you love frosting?  Make some Truck Day cookies!

1) The Pillsbury Doughboy is your friend.   Grab some dough and frosting.

Also grab some decorator's icing.   If you're in a hurry [or they are OUT of red decorating icing] grab some food-safe markers!

2) Slice and bake the cookies.  Let cool

3) Frost!   Eat some frosting with a spoon, straight out of the jar, to be sure it is safe for consumption.  

3) Decorate!  I am no artist.  When we were kids my sister was in charge of this part.  She lives more than 1000 miles away so I am on my own.   I am usually a perfectionist but these were all mailed to the Great White North so I figured they would not look Martha Stewart worthy upon arrival no matter how carefully I decorated.  So I did not worry too much about the appearance of the embellishment.   But if you were having, say, a party, you might want to be a little more precise.

You can see I simply used a red marker to create baseball 'stitches' and blue to write the players numbers.   Red, white and blue are the Indians colors.  If I were, for example, an Oakland A's fan I would grab the yellow and green.

4) If you are kind and generous, box and ship your goodies to your fellow baseball friends.  They will love you forever.  If you are greedy or just love frosting, keep them for yourself.   Enjoy, and remember that come April, everyone is tied for first.


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