Friday, May 3, 2013

Celebrating 30 Years of Jules

My 30th birthday is fast approaching.    The above photo was obviously not taken the day I was born, but it's darn close.   It was definitely taken in 1983, and that was 30 years ago!   Mom's hair has changed approximately 30 times since then.  (No joke)

A few years ago we had what Hannah dubbed "Festival of Jules" which was basically several days of me having lots of fun with family and friends and eating lots of cake.    I am happy to report that my 30th is shaping up to be a similar celebration.

Saturday May 4
Kentucky Derby
which only means that I am drinking a mint julep and singing My Old Kentucky Home [the only song my Dad taught me] and rooting for a horse with a funny name.

Expedition Everest Challenge
aka "The Yeti Run"
I will be running a 5K obstacle course with Mary Lynn (my mother-in-law) in Disney's Animal Kingdom at 10pm - the park is gorgeous at night and we are excited
Look what we get when we cross the finish line!

Sunday May 5
Dinner at Flying Fish with Michael & Mary Lynn
Last summer I ate what is probably the best meal of my entire life.  No exaggeration.   Surf & Surf special.  Fingers crossed they have it again

Wednesday May 8
My birthday!
I took the day off work and have not yet decided what we will do to celebrate.  Decisions decisions!

Friday May 10
Dinner at Victoria & Albert's
This is a joint birthday gift for Michael and I.   He turned 30 in April and I did not give him a gift because this is our gift to ourselves.   It is an experience that we enjoyed in 2011 and will certainly enjoy the second time around.    We are so lucky to be able to do this!

Maybe I will actually blog about these things.   I have been on hiatus partially because of laziness and I will try to be better.   a "new year" resolution for turning 30?!

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Jill said...

Great plans for your birthday celebration! Have a wonderful time.