Monday, September 19, 2011

Two Years Married!

Today is our 2nd wedding anniversary.   September 19, 2009 we got married in Ohio on a gorgeous late summer day.   September 19, 2010 we were in Ithaca, NY and it was a wee bit nippy.   We ate dinner on a hill overlooking Cayuga Lake and the beginnings of fall foliage.   September 19, 2011 we are in Florida and it is 90 degrees.

We celebrated our anniversary on Friday night with dinner at Victoria & Albert's.  It is a AAA Five Diamond restaurant at…..  Walt Disney World.  Yes folks, I was at the Grand Floridian Hotel, which is gorgeous, for 3 hours, eating amazing food.   I do not consider myself a foodie.   Don't get me wrong: I love food.   Despite being a very picky eater as a child, I now love food of many sorts, and my most favorite food of all time is a cheeseburger.   Specifically, with american cheese on a fresh roll.   What can I say?  I am a midwesterner at heart.

But let me tell you, this was once in a lifetime (so far at least) and also incredible.  It was a 6 course meal and we also added the wine pairing, with a half-glass per course.   Our waiters, however, gave us each at least one glass per course, thus resulting in a particularly long meal.  (I am not complaining)  As an added 'cute' component, our waiters (Jack and Sherry) also happened to be married!   They were adorable and very knowledgable with the food and wine and all that jazz.  The entire restaurant is impressive, and as an added touch, menus are custom and include your name and the date, along with a plethora of foods.  After dessert, the ladies are given a long stemmed red rose.

Throughout the meal, I convinced Michael to take photos with his phone, even though Emily Post would probably be rolling over in her grave.   Sorry, EP, but if you would have seen this food, you would understand.   Below, some visual highlights.  

Amuse Bouche with (from top right) prosciutto melon 'gazpacho*', crab salad with cream, jerk shrimp, ahi tuna in ginger sauce
*They didn't say gazpacho.   I forget what Jack said.   It was soup-esque and cold, hence, gazpacho

Diver Scallop with Braised Fennel

Roasted Alaskan Sablefish with Arugula Pudding

Duck Breast, Duck Sausage and Confit with Strawberry Rhubarb Puree

Roasted Butternut Squash Soup with Tortellini

Niman Ranch Lamb with Candied Marble Potatoes and English Peas

Kurobuta Pork Tenderloin and Belly with Verjus-Bacon Vinaigrette

Flora Nelle, 24 month Parmigiano-Reggiano, Gouda and Southern Belle Chevre

Coffee service was presented in a fantastic steaming Bill Nye type science pot.   It was tasty.   I don't even LIKE coffee

Grand Marnier Souffle

Tanzanie Chocolate Pyramid with Champagne-Chambord Truffle

Then I got my rose.  As if this was not enough, they also handed us breakfast bread to enjoy the following morning.   They probably should really give you a slim-fast or a piece of celery.   Can anyone say DETOX?    We actually wandered around for awhile, enjoying the scenery (we could see Cinderella's Castle from the boat dock, but the photos don't do it justice)   But even the walk was too much to handle.  

This restaurant is not for sissies.


dessertation said...

looks like a delicious meal!!!!!!! Also, love your haircut. Also love you guys!

Kim said...

I LOVED your whole description of that wonderful meal. It felt as if I was there and it looked so delish. If Michael were lying down he should of planked on his front instead of his back since that is all the rage now. You two look great.

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