Sunday, May 16, 2010

Awesome things that happened during my birthday weekend (aka Festival of Jules)

  • We were OUT of the CAR!
  • Saw IHE folks, including Scott, who SHARES MY BIRTHDAY!
  • Guapo's on Friday
  • Specifically, Guapo's with Pannie, Becky, Ryan, Mark K and Nikhil.  And Michael, duh
  • Impromptu beer with Mark, Nikhil and Michael at Dancing Crab
  • Pannie nicknaming the weekend "Festival of Jules"
  • A nice long run the morning of my 27th year
  • Vanilla bean scones, courtesy of Becky
  • Iron Man 2, which is super fun
  • A new tire rim (not exciting, but required)
  • Loads of phone calls, texts, facebook messages and voicemails from family and friends
  • The birthday song from my dad, sung in a new 'key' every year
  • Betty White hosting SNL
  • Becky and Ryan's lovely dinner with Pannie, including a yellow cake with fudge frosting

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Hannah said...

Btw, I was not kidding about tagging Mark in Fbook photos. I just went to TOWN on those wedding pics. He's not going to know what hit him. ("Hannah has tagged you in a 147 photos.")