Friday, May 24, 2013

Turning 30 Wasn't So Bad

As I mentioned earlier this month, we had a whole festival planned to celebrate 30 years of my life on this earth.   The Yeti Run was fantastic.  Update on the rest:

Flying Fish was tasty.  

YAY for dinner with good company and good wine AND a Happy Birthday pin
BOO for the special NOT being Surf and Surf with rock shrimp -and- for the kitchen goofing up our order.  ML and Michael's dishes were a bit dry.  I think the chefs messed up my scallops so their plates had to wait. 
YAY for the palate cleansing sorbet we got after the appetizers, while we waited for the main event.
YAY for my free dessert.   It was peanut butter and jelly creme brulee.

As a general rule, creme brulee does not excite me too much.  But this was peanut butter and jelly creme brulee so what could go wrong?   Even more exciting was the pipet of melted chocolate I got to drizzle on top.   It was a cute presentation but the execution left something to be desired.

After dinner we headed back home where ML had a peanut butter PIE waiting.  Y'all.  Two peanut butter desserts in a matter of hours.  I was definitely not seeing why 30 was bad.  

The pie was DELISH but I had a bit of trouble getting the first piece out.   Dessert plating FAIL.   

I ate it anyway.  It tasted great.   I said to Michael once I had set scooped it onto my plate "I did OK!" which for some reason cracked him up.

Wednesday May 8 I took the day off work and we headed to….. SPACE MOUNTAIN.    What can I say I am a kid at heart.      I even got the front seat of the rocket.  Life is good.  After just a couple rides, we were hungry so we shared a cinnamon role - which was the size of my face - and a "LeFou's Brew" which is basically frozen apple juice with liquid marshmallow fluff on top.   It seems like a Marissa drink for sure with the marshmallow!

Michael and I were in "Gaston's Tavern" and sadly you can only see glimpses of the fantastically themed antler decor as well as a portrait of him above the fireplace.  Hilarious.

We rode the "Mountain Trifecta" which is my nerdy way of lumping together Space Mountain, Splash Mountain, and Big Thunder Mountain.   Big Thunder is my favorite so we did that twice . Dare I say it was a "Mountain Superfecta"?

One can only spend so many hours in the beloved Magic Kingdom, so we high tailed it over to the Polynesia via monorail.  Highly recommended.  Full service restaurants and alcohol await at the resorts!  The Kona Cafe is a favorite lunch option and they even brought me a cupcake - how nice

After lunch we hopped back on the monorail to rent a boat and doodle around in the lagoon in front of Magic Kingdom and also the lake to the east of the park.  Michael and I have been to Magic Kingdom countless times and have ridden the park's Staten Island style ferry frequently, but had never driven our own boat around.  The big guys have the right of way, but being in a small water craft allows you to see the area in a new way.   New experience for US at Disney World?  You bet!   We encountered a fellow Tribe fan, too!  A deck hand?  Sailor?   I don't know his official title, but he said "I love your hat by the way"  as I walked toward our boat.  The hat is an old spring training hat that doesn't even have Chief Wahoo on it - this guy is a super fan.   I make friends everywhere I go- but I am nothing compared to my mother.

They told us not to take pictures while we were out on the water, but Michael was driving so I snapped away!   I made him nervous.  
"Jules you are not supposed to take pictures"  
"What difference does it make?  You're driving"  
"The boat rangers are going to see you"  
"I look innocent.  They can't see a camera from far away.  Anyway, if they notice, I'll just say I thought that rule applied to drivers.  Easier to ask forgiveness than permission!"

The boat ride was super fun, and I have covertly taken photos to prove it!   

Magic Kingdom from the water!  The green awnings are boat docks, and the steel beam is the monorail track

Ferry boat, with Space Mountain behind it

What remains of River Country, an old school "Swimming Hole" that closed in 2001.  
I would love to be able to see this up close.

We would love to do a boat ride again, any time!  

Since the only thing better than one new Disney experience is two, we headed over to Downtown Disney to redeem a Groupon for the tethered hot air balloon ride.  

I do love a deal.  It was essentially buy 1 get 1 free and offered us a unique view of our stomping grounds.  

After heading home for dinner, we ate some cake.   (Oliver, our large tabby, is in the window, oblivious to the goings on)

Seriously this thing is a monster.   No peanut butter, but I was ok with it.  This is a Chocolate Zuccotto cake, which includes an Amaretto soaked cake, which is filled with both chocolate and vanilla mousse.   The Dessert Lady then covers it with ganache.  Oh boy.   I am sure there are no calories on your birthday right?   Ok good.

It was a busy, fun-filled day, which are my favorite kind!   A great way to usher in my next decade.

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