Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Later, Gator

It seems to be reptile season.   Again.   So earlier this spring we had a snake, whom I named Slytherin.    He got caught in a tomato net and died, and then a buzzard came and ate him.   True story.   It was gross, but whatever.    Gryffindor rules!

Back to current events, and slightly less nerdy commentary:

There is a retention pond in front of our home.   You can see it from our front porch and balcony (see the iron railing in the right corner of the photo?  That's my balcony) and it provides a lovely view.  Right now, it is also serving as a lovely home to an alligator.

Yesterday I went to get the mail (mailboxes are located in a little 'hut' just to the left of the edge of the photo) and noticed a lady standing across the pond with binoculars, along with 2 security patrol cars driving around the lake, with the officers ultimately exiting the car, wandering around and trying to look important.   I also spotted a middle-aged gentleman minding his own business while walking his dog.    Part of me figured there was something in the lake, but I did not think much of it.   We spotted an otter in there a few months ago, so maybe it was back.   Or maybe people need to find a new hobby.

Today the nice man (from Ohio!) and his dog were going for  a stroll and stopped to chat.  In addition to learning we are both Ohio-ans, he warned me that "there is a 4 foot gator in that pond"    Lovely.  That  confirmed that the 2 security guys and binocular lady were, in fact, looking for the beast yesterday.   Sadly, I fear that the otter is no longer living in the pond. . . . .

Side note: Is everyone from Ohio?  Lately when I say I am originally from Ohio, people have started to say "Where?"  "Northern Ohio"  "Where?"  "Near Cleveland"  "Where?" "Lorain County"  "Where?"  Oh my gosh REALLY?!   We cannot all be from the exact same part of Ohio, y'all.   This guy is from "Near Cedar Point" which is close enough for me to excuse his incessant questioning.

Needless to say, the remainder of my trip to the mailbox and back involved me staring into the pond, searching desperately to see the critter.    I did not, but you better believe I will not be wandering too close to that edge any time soon.

Meanwhile, I have spend several minutes this evening racking my brain trying to think of other Harry Potter reptiles (aside from Salazar) as inspiration for naming the gator.    That's what a normal person would do, obviously.   Name the dangerous creature living nearby after a fictional story about a boy wizard.  So far, I can only think of dragons, and I am not even sure if they are 100% reptilian.   Then again what else would they be?   With that in mind, I am leaning toward Norbert.  Regardless, please holler if you think of an appropriate name for the gator, and I will in turn hope to snap a photo next time, if he rears his head.   

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Hannah said...

Nagini? I mean, that was a snake, but whatever.