Monday, June 25, 2012

Debby Downer

Tropical Storm Debby arrived this weekend.  It resulted in muggy temperatures and tons of rain.  I knew last night that the rain would continue this morning and my usual morning golf course run would be washed out.  I set the alarm for my usual 6 am wakeup call and figured I would head to the gym.

This morning I went over to our neightborhood gym, arriving a few minutes after 6, only to find the doors were locked.   The gym doesn't open until 7 am in the summer.

Excuse me?!

What gym opens at 7 am?   And in Florida it is so darn hot all the time that you'd think a climate controlled space would be available more frequently in the summer than the winter.

So I got back in the car and arrived home at 6:15 wide awake.   I did what any rational person would do:  I put the kettle on to make tea, and started to work.    (You thought I was going to go back to bed?   Ha!)   So today, instead of working til 5:30 I will work til 4:30.

Maybe by then the gym will be available

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