Saturday, April 28, 2012

No House Cup for Salazar

Certainly you are all itching to know the situation with my neighborly reptile.

The news is not good, folks.  We walked out of the house earlier this week and saw him all wrapped up in the bird netting.   Like a big spiral of snake wrapped up with layers of netting between the spirals.   Honestly the image is quite disturbing and you are being spared a photo.  Kind of gross.

Michael hypothesized that a bird or other animal came after it, snake tried to escape, and got further stuck in the netting.   Whatever creature was stalking him was not near clever enough to get Salazar out of the netting, so there he remains.   Fear not, we are removing him (and the tomato plants, which do not do well in May due to the heat) to a final resting place in the nearby dumpster.  For the first time in several months, our garage will again be bare of both vegetation and creatures.

Salazar Slitherin is dead...  10 points Gryffindor!  

Too soon?

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