Friday, June 29, 2012

The first of many Olympic texts

Pannie: Watching Olympic trials.  Backstroke event finals now (Aaron Perisol's event). yet he is now retired :(

Me:  No!  Find a new bf w a better last name :)  Pieter [van den Hoogenband] still swims*?

Pannie: don't know.  Will find out in a month, I guess!

Pannie Aaron will be hard to replace.  I loved him for reasons unrelated to last name. (that SMILE, good lord)

Me: OK I will stop being matchmaker now

Pannie: Well don't' stop.   I mean, you found me several possibilities during the last Opening Ceremonies.  You're good at it.

Me: OK if you insist.   I will focus on dutch and africans obv for names.  And all nations for hotties.

*Per Wikipedia, Pieter is retired.

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