Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Won't be going back

Went to get a pedicure in Collegetown yesterday.  Collegetown is basically a section of shops, dining, and services near campus and also within walking distance to our apartment. I read online that this particular salon was good and priced well for students.  I liked the sound of that!  So I got my toes painted to find out it cost $45!  This was not a fancy pedicure or a 'spa' pedicure or even one with french tips on my toes.

It included

  • old polish removal
  • soaking my feet in a footbath similar to what you'd buy at BedBath to do your nails at home
  • filing my nails
  • applying cuticle oil
  • rubbing lotion onto my feet
  • painting with new polish
It did not include 
  • a massage chair
  • trimming my nails
  • cuticle cutting or pushing
  • exfoliating scrub or pumice
  • lotion application above the ankle
  • a hot towel
So WHY did it cost $45?!  I have no idea.  The place I went in Florida cost $20 and included everything listed above in both columns.  I don't get it.  Not only do I not get the incomplete pedicure, but I don't understand how someone could describe their prices as friendly to college students!

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