Saturday, May 1, 2010

Goodbye April, Hello MOVING

I posted once in April?  One lousy quote?  To channel Charlie Brown, Good Grief!  I can explain.  We are moving.  To Ithaca.  On Wednesday.  In one tiny car.  But first we're going to DC for a few days to break up the long drive.  Then to New Jersey to visit grandparents and sisters in New York.  I have been a tiny bit preoccupied with packing boxes and standing in my kitchen thinking Will I need this in the next 12 month?  Will I care if I do not have this hand blender for a year?  Why do I have so many mismatched knives?  Why are blankets so chubby?  Will it be cold in New York?  What clothes will I need between now and then?  etc. etc. etc.  I think it's easier on your brain to just move completely.  Everything in a box.  Period.

I am proud to report that we have packed up several 'medium' moving boxes and shipped them on ahead.  Well, we packed them and my kind, lovely mother-in-law took them to the UPS store because we were in  Las Vegas.  Yes, a week before we move across several states, all of which get more snow than Florida, we went to Las Vegas.  Don't you love a husband with such ambition?  He planned the whole trip and all I really had to do was show up, but I was feeling stressed.  Me?  Stressed?  Unbelievable!   Unfortunately this included an overwhelming feeling of nausea on an airplane, which had nothing to do with turbulence or anything plane-related.  At times, I am a nutcase, I tell you.  Side note:  Long story, but I did get a free massage at the hotel spa, which did a fairly good job at relieving my stress.  I think I'll need another one tomorrow.

So anyway, now that we're back in eastern time and the humidity has gone from 10% to 90% (just look at my hair to believe that one!), we're back in moving mode.  I am really trying to be a glass half full person during all of this, which I like to think I am on a daily basis.  We do have a lot of clothing still in the closet that needs to be packed, but we also have a big fat suitcase packed up.  And several boxes in transit.  And a few other boxes in the dining room ready to be loaded into the car in a few days.  

Bottom line, if I've ignored a facebook message, e-mail, or even worse, a phone call, I apologize.  When we're settled, or beginning to be settled, in graduate housing two weeks from today, I should be back to normal.  That is, I will be better able to communicate with all this newfangled twenty-first century technology.  Thank God I don't have a Twitter account.  Until then, please take a number and I will be with you as soon as possible.

Also- birthday messages are allowed during this time.  Between the moving and packing and such, I also am supposed to turn 27 next Saturday.  As I will be a vagabond with no address for two weeks, this should be an interesting year for birthday cards, don't you think?

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