Sunday, May 30, 2010

How to do laundry in student housing

  • Pester your husband about putting money on his ID card
  • Load up the laundry basket with clothing and soap, put in car because it's too heavy to walk to the laundry building
  • Drive to laundry building
  • Discover front door is locked.   Realize you were never given a key to the laundry building
  • Think for a moment and hypothesize that it's the same key to the community center.
  • Take basket of clothes back to car.  (Lest my underwear be sitting out in the open on the sidewalk)
  • Walk to apartment and get community center key
  • Walk back to car to retrieve clothing
  • Unlock front door and enter laundry building. 
  • Load clothing into machines, add soap
  • Stare at machine to see how to start it
  • Wander around aimlessly trying to find the card reader so I can pay for the damn wash cycle
  • Locate card reader and pay for laundry
  • Go back to apartment for the 37 minutes on the machine
  • Walk back to laundry building, basket in hand (to bring back delicates that can't go in dryer) 
  • Decide to use back door since it's closer to my sidewalk
  • Fail to notice that back door is on a raised porch with a step
  • Crash into the threshold/step, thus ruining the $45 pedicure I got on Monday.  Skin toe and draw blood under nail (sorry, gross)
  • Hobble inside
  • Put clothing into dryers, grab delicates and read A Walk in the Woods for 15 minutes while I wait for other delicates to get partially dry
  • Laugh at Bill Bryson's writing
  • Go back in to retrieve partially dry clothing
  • Walk back to apartment with partially full laundry basket.  Realize it's a longer walk than I realized.
  • Get back to apartment.  Put band-aid on toe.  Struggle to set up the drying rack.  Note that it is ASSEMBLED, but the top will not click into place.  
  • Wonder if wearing dirty clothing and/or buying new instead of washing would be a better idea

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