Wednesday, May 19, 2010

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I am stating the obvious here: One's own home in Florida is in fact better than graduate student housing in upstate New York.  We walked in to dirty carpets and linoleum flooring, countless moths on the windows, and a stale air odor.  Not exactly the welcoming committee.  Needless to say, the past 4 days have been full of cleaning many surfaces with many products.  All I can say is Thank GOD for Lysol.  And their handy disposable wipes.  Michael used many to clean the dirt, grime and sticky substance (ick) off of the mini blinds on all three of our windows.  I used many to wipe down the kitchen counter and 'eating nook' as well as every drawer in the kitchen and bedroom dresser.  Michael killed two spiders (a big deal for him) and we have swiffered many many times.  The highlight, though, has been killing at least 20 moth type bugs

The thing is, the apartment was supposed to be professionally cleaned before our arrival.  But since the carpeting is black in spots from folks in dirty shoes wearing a path to the kitchen and bedroom, and the linoleum is still making the bucket/mop water turn black.  GROSS

So we went to the housing folks and asked point blank "What is the schedule for cleaning the apartments?"  and we got a deer in the headlights response.  The verbal response was "They're supposed to be cleaned before you move in" which might be protocol but surely did not happen.  We submitted our 'complaint' online and supposedly the school is looking into the problem, but they are so slow in responding that we will be talking to them in person tomorrow morning.

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