Thursday, July 2, 2009

YAY for long weekends!

Fourth of July weekend is upon us. Last year we went to the Magic Kingdom and watched fireworks with more than 70,000 people. It was extremely fun and patriotic and I probably cried a little. It also took about 45 minutes to get out of the theme park! We are not doing that again.

We're going on a road trip! Off to Pompano Beach tomorrow to see fireworks and get out of Orlando. Fireworks on the beach might not have as all-american a backdrop as Magic Kingdom or the nation's capital in 2007 (see above) but it will more than suffice. Warmth, sand, fireworks, ice cream -there must be ice cream- and that special someone? Sounds good to me! I now leave you with a fun 4th of July quote, Alex Keaton style.

"Republicans believe every day is the Fourth of July, but the democrats believe every day is April 15.” -Ronald Reagan

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