Friday, July 17, 2009

Alaska, Day 2

I landed in Ohio on Wednesday afternoon and quickly learned on Thursday morning that the sun comes up early out here. 5:47AM to be exact. How do I know this? The light-filtering (not black-out) curtains in my room told me so. And in Florida, when the sun is just starting to come up at 6:20, I am getting up anyway. It works well. (and so do my black-out curtains that I have in FL) But in Ohio, where the sun is up until, no joke, 9:40 PM, things are different. It's almost like being in Alaska, where sometimes there no light at all, and other times, there's no darkness. Guess which time we're in now?! Yeah. It's summertime, aka the sun never sleeps! What's ironic is that in winter, you don't really see the sun, and on Christmas morning, even if the sun is 'out' it's so far away that you have to put on the Christmas tree lights and a lamp to see anything in the room. But back to our opposite, Alaska summer, problem. I sort of jokingly contemplated going to Target to buy a blindfold yesterday, but did not deem it necessary. Haha, said the rising sun. Guess what time I got up today? If you said 5:47, you'd be right. I shall stop by Target today after completing my 3 wedding-related appointments. I don't think I have normal appointments anymore. Am I meeting a non-family member somewhere? Definitely wedding-related.

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