Monday, July 27, 2009


We've done it again. Plunged into the diet hell known as South Beach, phase one. Michael and I went on the South Beach diet about three years ago. The plan was to do two weeks of phase one, as directed, and then as many weeks of phase two as we needed. Unfamiliar with SB? Phase 1 is horrible. You are allowed unlimited veggies, low-fat dairy, and low-fat proteins. No bread or fruit! So sad. I hate eggs, so breakfasts get interesting. Anyway, during our first trial, we were very stoic, and after thirteen days of following it to the letter, we stopped. And I was skinny! It was great. But then we started to eat normal foods and well, you know what happens.

Here we are again, 8 weeks before the wedding, and Michael has decided, once again, to embark on the SB diet. Being the supportive soul that I am, I jumped onboard. But I like to think we're smarter the second time around. Instead of making all the weird recipes we found in the book last time, we're making more normal recipes in the "Taste of Summer" cookbook, that involves much less chopping and mixing and broiling, and a lot more grilling. Today's dinner of jalepeno turkey burgers (minus bun, of course) actually sounds pretty good. But lunch? Not so much. It's white bean soup with arugula and basil. It's GREEN. It looks like I threw in grass clippings and went to town with the immersion blender.

On the bright side, I have already used many many items I received at last weekend's showers. All attachments to the immersion blender, several prep bowls, the big spoons, etc. How utilitarian!


ashley said...

Darling I recommend sneaking fudge at night. If you drop any weight before the wedding you just may "waist" away! I saw the shower pictures and in my humble opinion you look as tiny as ever! Also totally loving the hair color. Wish I could have been there!

Jules said...

I can totally sneak fudge :) Thanks for your compliments... we missed you, too!