Tuesday, July 21, 2009


I survived the trip to Ohio, thank goodness. Our venue is squared away, makeup has been practiced, hair has been finalized, and I met with the priest and photographer. The kicker is most of the vendors know each other! "Oh, Dan has photographed many events here" or "That is a great church to get married in" or "Dan? He's great. We've worked with him for years" or "The Club is so beautiful. I love to take a photo in that one window when the light shines in" Don't you love a small midwestern town?

Thankfully, there was a bit of a break from the wedding stuffs when Al decided to clean out the basement and donate a large chunk of our childhood to Goodwill (except Barbies and stuffed toys, of course). Why did I keep most of the Sports pages from the 1997 baseball playoffs? I don't know.

The wedding showers were quite enjoyable. Saturday's included 36 family members and close friends and featured delicious IGA cake and important players meeting each other. Namely, Michael's maternal grandma and my maternal grandma, both named Margaret. They are obviously very cute. And of course, Pannie meeting most of my family, but not having to take a quiz to remember their names. (Did I forget to mention Pannie drove in from DC?!) I was lucky to have 3 of the 4 bridesmaids to help me unwrap, record gifts, and create the ubiquitous ribbon bouquet. We missed Ash! (see incomplete photo, below) Sunday was a smaller gathering at Patti's house with a lovely brunch with ML's golf friends and other friends who don't spend time on the links. Everyone was very generous at both showers, and thus has resulted in me writing many thank you notes this afternoon. I took a break to type to 'rest' my right hand! Additional photos will be available in the next day or two at both the normal photo page and the wedding website.

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