Monday, May 4, 2009

Things are looking up

The weekend was not so fun. Saturday we spent more than 8 hours in pre-cana class. For you non-Catholics, it's a day of marriage prep. It was rather tedious. If you want the gory details, let me know. The good news is, we are done! Which means we are that much closer to getting married- YAY

All last week after work I dealt with our shower drain. Minerals in the FL water did a number on it, so I scraped and chipped and chiseled lime and calcium off the pipe. This involved 3 trips to Lowe's for heavy duty Drain-o, an auger, and a shop-vac. I didn't know the extent of my problem, and had to keep going back as I re-assessed. Sadly, I was ultimately unsuccessful. I called the 7-days a week plumber on Sunday morning and he came and fixed it. It was expensive.

But! This week will be lovely. I have already updated our wedding site to include our registry details, our invitations are in (must still be counted), my engagement ring is fixed - should arrive tomorrow.... and PANNIE IS COMING THIS WEEKEND! Oh yeah, and it's my birthday on Friday which means I can have as much cake as I want. This is actually the case every day of the year. I just feel more entitled on my birthday.

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Hannah said...

Oh dude, I didn't even THINK about birthday cake. Save me some, please.

What happened to your engagment ring?