Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Happy Birthday to me

I had a lovely birthday on Friday. It started off with a 4 mile run, which was very nice. I don't know many people who would start their day off this way. What can I say? I am strange.
I enjoyed a bit of sun and pool time--a birthday first for me, living in Ohio a good part of my life. The day also involved free cinnamelts at McDonald's; I had a coupon and this had nothing to do with my birthday. It also negated all calories burned in the above-mentioned run. In addition to these highlights, I received many nice phone calls from family and friends, and many facebook wishes as well. Two bouquets of flowers were delivered (!) which is always a nice surprise. I learned of an amusing blog post in my honor, and that evening I enjoyed a delicious dinner at Celebration Town Tavern and a Cannoli cake in the dining room, which was amazing. But the best part was PANNIE CAME TO VISIT! I will discuss her visit in another post.

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