Thursday, April 23, 2009

Video Killed the Radio Star?

I am a car radio slacker. I have always had this flaw. If not for my sister, I would have listened to one station in the car my entire adolescent life. (Jammin' 92.3) My auditory habits have not improved with age. When we lived in DC, I think we had 3 or 4 stations programmed and only listened to 2 of them. Upon moving to Florida, over the course of a few weeks I saw three billboards advertising three different stations. Each time I saw an ad, I tuned in, and if I liked the song, I saved the station. I did not go on a quest to find more, even though finding 30 minutes of music while driving home from work can be a challenge when working with only 3 buttons. In fact, I have often thought "I should look for some more stations online" and it stops there. Earlier this week I accidentally hit radio button #4 and instead of hearing static, I heard music! A country station! A GOOD country station! I was so excited. Either I programmed this station when we moved here and forgot, (very likely) or the same station ID was a station already programmed on the car when it lived in Ohio. I am not sure. I don't really care, because I am very much enjoying the country station. And I am proud to announce that I have recognized a great majority of the songs so far, and have also learned a few new ones by favorite artists!

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