Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Celeb Sighting

My parents were here last week and we had dinner at Jiko, which is a tasty restaurant on Disney property. As we were finishing our dinners, my mom said "I have seen that man on TV before" and pointed to a guy with brown hair and a goatee. It was Joey Fatone, of NSync (and Dancing with the Stars) fame. Due to my vast boyband knowledge, I immediately recognized him, and said "But why couldn't it be one of the hot guys from NSync?" And my dad, who truly knows nothing about the boyband music genre, said "Yeah, like Justin Timberlake or Lance Bass" Who knew!? Dad actually knew two names and put them in the correct band, but he also picked two who were considered 'hot' back in the day. I was flabergasted!


Hannah said...

HA! That is hilarious. But then, even Aunt Jane occasionally knows things like this because, as she says, "I read People Magazine at the hair salon." Perhaps your father does too.

Redqueen said...

That's bc he was inundated by you and Alison talking about those people when they were popular - he must have absorbed the information and retained it with his bison powers. Hahahaha.