Friday, April 10, 2009

Time for Tuxes!

Ah wedding planning. It continues in full force, and tomorrow is set to be a full day of invitation-ordering, registry-creating, and also, tuxedo-choosing. I am not sure what color to have the men wear (and at this point the groom has no opinion). I am not a huge fan of the all black tux - it makes me think of choir performances- and since this isn't a 1980s prom, the ties needn't match the girls' dresses. This is obviously a minor fashion dilemma, which means I turned to my favorite fashion assistant, my maid of honor, my sister! She continues to amuse me, though I have yet to make a decision.

Me: I am thinking about tuxedos and need color assistance. You obviously know what the girls are wearing.
Al: I think the following would be ok with black tux:
  • ivory vest and tie
  • grey vest and tie
  • black vest, pink tie.
  • sage vest and tie, possibly
Me: hmmm interesting. What color pink?
Al: Rio has a pink (v light) and a fuschia.
Tuscany has a "candy pink", which is rather vomitous on several levels.
Bella luna has a "bubble gum" (can we please leave the sweet factory, folks?)
Herringbone pink seems relatively non offensive in both hue and name.

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Redqueen said...

I think (slate) gray would look better with the pink you chose; black is kind of funereal, if you know what I mean. What happened to the idea of dark gray tuxes with really pale pink vest/tie? Sorry, don't like the sage green idea at all. Maybe we can go look while you are home? My friend Tom (from welfare days) owns a store at the mall that rents tuxes - he might have some good ideas....