Thursday, April 9, 2009

[Auditory] amusements

I read Entertainment Weekly online a lot. It brings me great joy. Also, I love American Idol. Two examples of my aforementioned obsessions tying in to my favorite blog category are below

1) On the scene writer for American Idol 4/8/09, who had learned that Flo Rida would be performing live that night, instead of the typical pre-recorded celeb performance Idol throws our way.

"Bring on Flo, I say! Or maybe it's Rida, or Flo Ride -- however the kids are mangling the name that used to be associated with the southeastern region of the United States (seriously, what would Juan Ponce De Leon have to say about this?)."

2) A commenter on EW's idol wrap-up article, predicting his/her AI winner
"The vampire kid* is going to win it all. That is, unless church-boy Gokey defeats him in a holy war. "
*For you non-Idol watchers, this referring to Adam Lambert, the very talented, but very unusual, contestant and Danny Gokey, the undeniably wholesome contestant who you would have no problem introducing to your parents. I'll let you decide who is who (HINT: check for nailpolish and eyeliner)

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Redqueen said...

Adam is the best Idol contestant I have ever seen/heard. He has a magnificent voice and is like a mix of Elvis Presley & Freddie Mercury. If Adam doesn't win, I will likely never watch American Idol again! :-)