Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Palmolive: Not just for dishes

Here's a fun way to start a blog entry: I HATE LOW FLOW TOILETS! (and happen to have 4 in my house) If you use more than 2 squares of toilet paper, which I do, they malfunction. I understand that low flow is supposed to be more efficient and use less water. But if you have to flush three times to get 5 squares of TP to disappear, you have officially not saved a drop of water.

Sadly, the typical three flush remedy did not work on this particular situation. I have no idea why not; it always has in the past. So I tried a plunger, which kind of worked because water went down sloooowly but then it didn't fill up correctly. I am a google person, so I googled my problem, and guess what came up? "Boiling water and dish soap" SAY WHAT?!

I figured since the toilet was already not functional, what did I have to lose? I laughed at myself, grabbed the dish soap and put the tea kettle on. I had never squirted dish soap into any vessel but a sink prior to this morning, and I'm guessing neither have any readers. Nor had I ever used the tea kettle in the bathroom. What can I say, it was a day of firsts. Maybe I'll learn to drive stick shift this afternoon! Wire a house! Speak Japanese! Sorry. Anyway, I poured in the soap and the boiling water and let me tell you.... this crazy remedy worked. It also made a ton of soap bubbles in the commode, which would probably entertain the Sesame Street crowd. But I am telling you, it works, and you'll laugh all the while. Laughing is always helpful in frustrating situations, don't you think?

Stay tuned for tomorrow's exciting entry, how to remove soap scum from your shower door! (kidding)

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