Friday, February 26, 2010

A Lesson in Canadian Culinary Creations

What with all the Olympic coverage in the news, in the past 24 hours I have seen two references to poutine.  It got me wondering...what the heck is poutine?  I went to wikipedia to find out.

Now is a good time to admit that if I come upon a word I do not know while reading a book, I keep reading.  I can often figure it out in context, and can't be bothered to stop reading the book.  This explains my sub-par SAT verbal score in high school.  If I encounter it twice, I find out what it means.  Hence my poutine research.

Poutine, which originated in Quebec, is a essentially a diner-type snack consisting of French fries, fresh cheese curd, and brown gravy.  Now, I enjoy cottage cheese more than your average Joe, but I am grossed out by the idea of this snack.  French fries?  Good.  Cottage cheese?  Good.  Brown gravy?  Eh, maybe on pot roast.  But combining them all?!  Who thought that would be a good idea?  It looks kind of gross to me.  I suppose it's just a variation of our own cheese fries with shredded cheddar, bacon bits, sour cream, etc.  and yet I have no desire to taste this creation.

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Anonymous said...

I would like to eat it. But I might need a fork.